Fix Things In Your Vehicle


Most of us never bother to fix our vehicles when a breakdown happens. But actually it is a very cheap as well as an easy process when you get to know about your vehicle first. For example let us see how you can fix the air conditioner of your car, which has stopped working properly. First you need to understand how the car air conditioner works.


Understand how things work

The auto air conditioning works in a similar way to how a refrigerator works. But the layout is different from each other.

Normally auto air conditioning act like a ventilator that moves the heated air from inside a car to the outside. The main areas relevant to an air conditioner are; the refrigerant, condenser, compressor, evaporator, expansion valve and dryer. You need to get familiar with these components and know how each item works and contributes to the process of conditioning air. Then you will understand the importance of each and when something goes wrong, you know where to check first. The air conditioning process is not a very complex one. In simple terms; the compressor pressurizes the refrigerant and sends a liquid to the condensing coils. After the liquid cools down it enters the evaporator. Then the refrigerant takes in the heat from the air and evaporates. Next the blower of the car will spread the air into the car where the occupants will be. This process keeps happening in a cycle, when you on your car air conditioner.

Identify the issue

One thing you can do is to check whether there is a refrigerant leak, you can do it with fluorescent dye that will be available at most of the auto supply stores. Next you need to make sure that the pulley in front of the compressor can be turned when the air conditioner and the blower is on. There are many explanations for this to not work. May be there is a bad fuse or a wiring problem. Even if there isn’t enough refrigerant the compressor might not work. Another reason could be a damaged air conditioner switch. Other reasons for you air conditioner to not work would be a damaged seal inside the compressor or may be a broken fan belt. Note that if the air conditioner works up to some level then most probably all you have to do is refill your system with refrigerant and be careful not to ever overfill.

Start fixing

Once you have identified the issue, you simply have to replace the broken or damaged part. Maybe a simple refill of R-134a could be the solution or a small wire replacement. If you know what the problem is, even when you go to a garage or a service station, they cannot deceive you, since you will not be totally clueless about the problem with your air conditioner.