How Do You Monitor your Staff as A Big Company?


As your company grows, there are many reasons to celebrate, but at the same time, you also need to keep finding more ways of monitoring your staff and also evaluating their performance from time to time. Your company may have a management structure where everyone has a supervisor they are directly answerable to and you are able to monitor your staff and their work by having various departments and departmental heads or managers who take responsibility for taking care of the staff working in their department. Whatever management structure you may have, are there other ways of tracking and monitoring your employees and their work?

Other methods available

Of course, you don’t want to micro-manage, but there are benefits to monitoring your staff more closely. For a big organisation or company like yours, you could use C
C TVs for example, not just to monitor your staff and what they are doing, but it is also an important security too as well. There also newer monitoring options available, such as using a vehicle tracking system which has several advantages, such as being able to keep track of your company vehicles and your employees while they are out on errands or meetings and you also know how exactly to locate an employee when you need to,

Honesty and integrity

Of course, in the final analysis of things, you will need to trust your employees to display integrity and honesty, as you can’t always be big brother who monitors them, but having certain tools to help you is an excellent idea as you don’t always have to second guess what is going on, but you know what is really happening. Emphasise that you expect moral integrity and honesty from your employees and this will help you to have a positive atmosphere in your company.

Using multiple methods

Along with your CC TV cameras and vehicle tracking system, you can also use other methods like your employees scanning their company cards so that you can keep track of attendance and punctuality etc. If you don’t want to invest in new systems, you can also use systems like people signing in and signing out, when they arrive and when they leave, including lunch breaks etc.

Expect the best

While you monitor your staff and keep them accountable, it would also help if you show them that you trust them as individuals and expect them to give their best. The reason you need good monitoring systems though is because your company has really grown and you want to make sure that no one is falling through the cracks and everyone is acting responsibly and doing their fair share at work.